Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whoah! Massive small sculpture find @ NewEgg!!

Ever notice the way all your web surfing activity seems to be consolidated now in such a way that  advertisers can target your specific interests in banner ads across the top of just about any site you visit? Since I've been spending so much time lately searching for sculptures, statues, mannequins etc the internet has been showing me ads for all kinds of sculpture stores that sell small (and sometimes not so small and not-at-all inexpen$$$ive!!) statues for home decor. Desgin Toscano type stuff, you know?

But tonight it showed me a different ad, for I've seen it before, but this is the first time I've really spent any time there, and I discovered it has the most customizable search parameters I've ever seen - in fact it allows you to search in just about any way you could want to - amazing!! This is the internet at its finest as far as I'm concerned. It's a conglomerate engine linked to many stores, so you're seeing products from diverse sites all at once and can buy through it using Paypal. Talk about convenient! I need to start using it rather than Amazon.

Anyway, the real point of this post is that through them I discovered a really nifty line of small statues of nude figures from Unicorn Studios that look excellent for drawing or painting practice and have really impressively low price tags (most around $30). I'll put up some pics and a link that takes you directly to all the nude statues in a matte finish. They're all available in several finishes - either glazed or matte porcelain, bronze or black. The black seems to be matte too, but wouldn't respond to light as well as matte white, which is the preferred finish for art studies (hence the preponderance of plaster casts in all the ateliers).

Matte finish nude sculptures @

Oh, it looks like the bonded marble David doesn't come up in that search. I've seen several small versions of it and they were all terrible cartoony copies, all lopsided and malproportioned. This one looks excellent. 

I can see I'm going to have to ponder for a week or so to let the buyitalljustbuyitnowlust dissipate so I can make a rational choice - I can't buy them all (and if I did I would never be able to draw and paint them all!)


Just discovered another site with all the same statues (at the same prices) but it's a much better shopping experience since it has a superior gallery page. Bigger thumbnails, and all the male or female statues gathered together on a single page.

2nd edit --

This one doesn't come up in the search above either: Bookend nude male sitting on rock (marble white)

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