Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spotting blacks and inking tutorials

Since learning that Creepy magazine is resurrected I've become intensely interested in inking. So I hit up the Penciljack board (ironically named considering it's about comic book inking) and looked for some tutorials. Bearing in mind I've done a good bit of amateur inking years ago, but without any kind of training, and it was before there was an internet loaded with tutorials and professionals sharing advice. Here's today's finds:

Spotting blacks
I was vaguely familiar with the term, but I misunderstood it. I always thought it referred to going back and filling in the little white dots and grey areas, but really what it means is to just draw in big solid areas of black to create a strong design. Nice bit of advice I ran across recently somewhere - use a waterbrush loaded with ink for spotting. Here's a nice tutorial about spotting that breaks it down very logically:

Big Time Attic: Spotting black areas

What particularly hit home for me is the approach of keeping things simple and uncluttered - my tendency is to try to make an ink drawing look as subtle and nuanced as a fully rendered pencil drawing or something.

And here's a tutorial on inking techniques in general that I like:

The inking tutorial

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