Thursday, March 20, 2014

Conceptfart is down AGAIN!!! Torso study from (of?) rear in 2B pencil

This happens waaay too often, seemingly several times a day there are lags and problems, and today nobody can upload images. What use is an art site that's strictly text? So I'll just upload here instead (haven't been doing that lately, it gets tiresome uploading the same stuff to my sketchbook and then here).

Decided to go back to the way I used to draw before I started all this academic art-school stuff where you draw from the shoulder and use an overhand grip. That stuff is fine for rapid sketches, but it affects accuracy like shooting from the hip on horseback. I also switched to a 2B pencil, it has a bit of translucency to it unlike the dark ones I've been using. And I actually put a point on it (Gasp!) using a (Shudder!!) pencil sharpener!! But I did end up using mostly the edge of the lead anyway, though I used something midway between a writing grip and the overhand one. Can't get real accuracy like this anyway though, with the sketchbook laying on my lap - need a big table for that. Oh, I did the background and the darkest shading on the figure with the General's Layout pencil. Good combo!!

I also broke the pencil in half. Deliberately. I was using an overhand grip but with my wrist down against the pad, sometimes lifting it up so just my forearm was against it.  It gets real hard to draw at certain angles, because the pencil hits your hand. I remembered how nice it used to be drawing with a little stub - that problem doesn't exist - so I snapped it. Now I have 2 pencils! Though one isn't marked for hardness - I oughta write that on it.

I don't think her ass is really that big…

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