Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh Derp!! I just got it… the hand is like a foot..

I mean, I did get that right away - from the very abbreviated notes it was clear earlier the hand has an arch on its back like the instep, and a hollow underneath the palm like the arch of the foot, and the heel of the hand is literally like a heel, with the thumb attached the same way the big toe is part of the heel system. Plus the pad of the hand is just like the thick pad of the foot.

But somehow I completely missed the point of the above drawings, even after copying them. I thought it was just to show the similarity of the wrist and ankle joints, but now I realize it's the similar structure of the hand and foot in terms of the 'wedging forms' Bridgman is so big on. The big toe and ball of the foot are analogous to the thumb and its big muscle form. The wrist is like the instep area of the foot.

Damn, I honestly wish somehow Bridgman's lectures had been recorded, or that one of his students had bothered to go through and copy out his notes alongside the appropriate drawings. I searched the web last night hoping there was a blog where someone had done that, but haven't found anything yet.

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