Saturday, March 1, 2014

forms forms FORMS!!!

Not as in "please fill out this form.. " -- I mean the other kind of forms.

These all arrived today after a few days spent scouring Amazon, eBay and other sources for good stuff to draw and paint. Did a lot of searching for drawing casts and plaster casts for drawing etc and eventually started finding cool stuff that isn't expensive, like old mannequin hands and other parts (more coming soon).

The white female hand is from a mannequin, the orangey male hand is probably either a movie or halloween prop or possibly made for art students  (the seller didn't know) but it's made of a very dense and slightly flexible urethane foam (not styrofoam as claimed, thankfully!) and has a disturbingly lifelike feel. Every detail of skin texture and wrinkles is faithfully captured.

The set of basic geometric forms came from Amazon, molded in dense urethane again, and cost only $20 - much less than similar forms cast in plaster I kept finding (which were closer to $100!). I have ideas for creating better tips for the pyramid and cone, but that's going to be difficult since it's a flexible foam and not rigid. Probably impossible to file or sand or to glue rigid stuff onto. Probably end up just drawing as is or extrapolating sharp pointy teeth (erm - tips).

Good - just when I was ready for a break from the lvl up exercises! Need to keep up my personal studies as well dontcha know!

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