Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bridgman + Inkadoodledoo

Here you can see my solution to the 'transfer paper' problem I was having (did I mention that? Whenever I was drawing on a left page the drawings on both pages behind it would cross-transfer onto each other). I folded over a piece of copier paper, trimmed it to fit, and slip it under the left page. Afterwards I just erase both sides of it and re-use over and over. Plus I always Spectrafix each page - some great stuff yo!
I'm still just doodling around with ink really - I know eventually I'm going to have to start actually (gasp!) planning my ink drawings. It's not like pencil or charcoal where you can think as you draw. Maybe eventually it does get like that with ink, but I won't be there for some time yet.

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