Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More work on the Tiepolo - still not finished

Some time ago on this blog I tried my hand at an ink/wash drawing done by the elder Tiepolo. I remember using the terms broken down and humbled in the title of that post lol. So far they've done it to me every time - any of the Tiepolos, father or sons. This one is by the son Giovanni Battista, the one I started my Comp 1.1 assignment with was the father Giambatista. The paintings somehow look deceptively simple, but every form is cleverly twisted and foreshortened in subtle ways that make it all damnably difficult to copy compared to anything else I've tried thus far. I'm into hour 4 on this one and no end in sight yet. But I"m also starting to push my accuracy for values, shapes and edges farther than I ever have in the past, so when I finally see the light at the end of this tunnel It'll let me out at a new level.

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