Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The design is the thing

I've spent a lot of time looking at ink drawings for a few days. I like to do things like this until I reach saturation point, and my mind seems to be running over with images, to the point that I've literally laid down to sleep and had images spinning through my head like something from a Bunyel movie. I like to think it helps me learn stuff, like design and stuff. 

That's what really jumps up and slaps me in the face about all of these images. I'm keeping them small here because that way it's easier to see pure design and not get distract by detail. If you want detail just click and embiggen them.

Careful placement of shapes of black and white and grey, be it value or pattern. Groups of marks create pattern, whether they're lines, dots, letters or what have you. And pattern creates a visual grey. 

One thing I've really come to realize looking at so many ink drawings, everything from superhero comic pages to cartoons to well - everything else really - some of the modern styles seem to be incredibly dense and complicated - thousands of superfine lines all over the place, but it also seems like more lines means less impact. All that detail actually works against strong design, unless it's very carefully done. Personally I tend to prefer strong simple images, though I have been known to gasp in amazement at some of the ultra complex ones at times as well. 

Here's some more words in between pictures, just to see if you're actually reading..

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