Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun drawing gadgets

Here are some of the more nifty little devices I use that keep drawing fun and exciting (which it already is, but these add some zip and zing):

This is the Moleskine sketchbook I'm doing my Bridgeman studies in, with additional single-pen Quiver attached to make it super convenient - the pencil is always handy!

Bells and whistles - aside from the excellent binding that allows the Moleskines to lay flat enough so you can draw effectively across a spread of pages, they also come standard with a ribbon bookmark to keep your place and an elastic strap to hold the book shut.

These are what Im using lately for my graphite drawings - from the bottom up my beloved 2mm Staedtler Mars Technico clutch-type lead holder (it's not a mechanical pencil because it doesn't auto-advance the lead when you press the button) - then a similar clutch graphite holder but the Art Alternatives one is 5.6mm - very thick and chunky! Makes drawing come out very painterly - no hard thin lines. Like charcoal in a way, but less messy. And finally a clutch-style eraser at the top. I was getting tired of sharpening pencils with an X-Acto knife and sanding sponge, the floor of my studio was starting to look like a circus tent, with sawdust everywhere and getting tracked through the house.

I also use the Staedtler to pencil my ink drawings, though it's really too thick and imprecise - I've ordered a .5mm cheap pocket mechanical pencil for that.

And I dug into the basement and found my old drafting board and triangles. This is just a board with foldaway legs that sits on top of a table. Just cleaned these up and put them in place, haven't used them yet.

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