Monday, March 3, 2014

dwng xrcz

If I want to have any hope of developing the kind of accuracy Jason wants us to display, I need to develop my drawing skills on the tablet. Having seen control+paint before and perusing some of the tutorials, I do understand how it's basically done. But today I just discovered something really cool - pen pressure brushes! I though adjusting pen pressure meant going into the prefs for th tablet and re-setting things there - cumbersome and un-fun. But there's a whole big pallet of brushes that are set up to use pen pressure for different things. Now this is getting fun!!

Discovered the secret to drawing curves and circles too - don't move your fingers at all, hold them pretty well locked, lay the edge of your hand on the tablet, and slide the entire hand around. Oh, and turn so your elbow doesn't hit the arm of the chair partway through!

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