Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fred Fixler - simplified versions of Reilly teachings

He was a student of Reilly and then a teacher of the Reilly Method. I've only found a very few diagrams and brief notes online, but his head diagrams are simplified versions of Faragasso's far more complex ones that I've been struggling with. His notes help reinforce all the same stuff I've been learning from the Faragasso books on drawing and painting, as well as via the Solomon J Solomon and Harold Speed books. It's all about mass light and mass shadow - the way a painter draws. Simplify - squint - find the edges of the planes. Keep a distinct separation between values in light and shadow - make it clear which is which. This is the same stuff Howard Pyle was teaching to those talented youngsters back in the day too. Same stuff painters have always been taught and the good ones have mastered.

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