Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bridgeman + ink doodlins

The point of interest here is the big patch of heavily 'weathered' ink. Tried out various methods for making white marks and tone over ink, including razor blade, sandpaper, and 2 different brands of gouache. The W&N Designers Gouache is the more grayish stuff - not nearly as opaque and bright white as the Turner Acryl gouache. It's basically impossible to make good lines with the gouache - toward the bottom you can see three strokes made with the edge of a flat brush - tried it with a round and I couldn't even make a mark at all, the sable was too weak to push the thick stuff around. The three strokes are thick and gloppy, not exactly precisely drawn lines. Across from them is a little area where I tried it again but kept scrubbing around drybrush style - it actually looks really good for some kind of haze effect.

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