Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zorn palette - Aaron Coberly limited palette thread

From No-One Special blog
Another thing Mr Watts mentioned as part of the system taught at the atelier is the Zorn palette. Anders Zorn used only 4 colors in his portraits - Ivory black, Titanium white, Cad red and Yellow ocher or some yellow anyway - many people prefer ocher. The Ivory black is very cool, so mixing it with white makes blues. Looking at the swatches above mixed entirely from those 4 colors makes it clear you get a pretty wide gamut to work from, and all the colors have a harmonic unity.

Apparently from a defunct blog, but the picture showed up in an image search.. ?
Students start by learning black and white gouache painting, then add one color, then another - and whoops!! That's it - that's the Zorn palette right there!! Pretty much all you'll ever need, though by the time you learn that you'll be ready for full color.

A search for limited palette painting turned up this thread on Conceptart

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