Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jeff Watts on the Reilly Method, Gouache painting and Tiling to transition to oils

I just discovered Jeff Watts' Youtube channel, where he posts some freebies called the Friday Night and Wednesday Night Workshops. They're basically 3 hour demos showing the kind of stuff he teaches at the atelier,  just not going into as much detail. This guy can really yak it up, even while he's drawing. Which is a good thing for a teacher actually.

I wanted to jot a quick note about this - he talks about "Tiling", which is painting in flat shapes to be blended later, which in the Reilly method is called the Poster. What I didn't realize is that there's a definite progression to learning this stuff - you start by doing what Watts called Quicksketch drawing (apparently similar to Vilppu's quicksketch as well as the Reilly figure drawing method, but modified further) then you transition through gouache painting, using the tiling method, and when you can do that in the more forgiving water based medium of gouache then you're ready for oil.


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