Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jeff Watts demo - "Stains don't re-activate" - "figure drawing prepares you for painting at a high level"

Another 3 hour tour with Jeff Watts talking up a storm while painting like a total bawss. He makes working with gouache look like so much fun. I used to mess with it, but never quite figured out a good technique - too bad the internet wasn't around in those days.

Just heard him say this and wanted to jot to down -

"Stains don't re-activate" 

Good to know!! One of the big issues I used to run into is when I'd get several layers of gouache built up then try to paint over them, all the layers underneath would re-wet and come up into the mix. It's important to know they do this and to plan accordingly.

While working on the Lyendecker piece he answers a question by saying:

"That's what I use it for - preparing people for turning form in oil - basically a juxtaposition of warm and cool tiles."


"figure drawing prepares you for painting at a high level"

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