Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Forms - influenced by Watts method - and thinking about signing up

I spent most of the day completely immersed in further researching the Watts method, including watching a number of the videos on the online school site (where I have pretty much decided to enroll, though still on the fence about it).

I looked at the Drawing Fundamentals class video and other materials, and this is the kind of stuff they're doing, learning how to really control the conte pencils and get good crisp straight lines, completely controlled shading, use comparative measurements and negative spaces etc to get the drawing super accurate… so I thought it's about time I do another set of form drawings and see if I can push them farther than I have before (without using the computer). I want to see if I can drive myself to achieve a much higher level of work AS IF I were in the classes, without actually being in them. If I do enroll, it definitely won't be for mentored classes - can't afford that! So it would be videos and PDF workbooks/handouts etc - and that's basically what I've been collecting all over the web already, though I'm sure the actual class material would be more comprehensive.

Hell, one phase (semester?) costs a little less than what I paid for Level Up (for a year) and it's definitely going to be higher quality education than that (nothing against Level Up, it is what it is and it's good stuff in its own right). But my thinking is basically that I should at least take one Watts course to see exactly what it's like. Then if I never take another one, at least I've got a taste of the Watts experience and I expect that will propel me for a long time afterwards.

The drawing isn't perfect obviously, but it's a good start. I was able to do a surprising amount of erasing and re-working and actually corrected a lot of what was wrong with it, but those long verticals need some serious work!! I wonder if using a mahl stick for those would be considered cheating?

Little more work on it:

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