Friday, October 17, 2014

Force arrives!!

I ordered both Force books at the same time a few weeks ago - the second one came in within a couple days, but the original was from the UK and apparently they put it on a slow boat. Just came in today, and gave me a new burst of distortin' inspiration!! But damn, it was so hard!! I had to do the drawings straight first, then distort them. On the first sheet anyway, on the second I was able to do it right away, after thinking abut hw to approach it for a little while - I sort of did the first drawing in my head and then critiqued it before ever touching pencil to paper. Oh, and I found out the conte pencil will flow pretty well and make a good strong line if you press hard enough.

Also, after doing my Bridgman today and then this, and remembering the video I posted yesterday, I couldn't help but see the similarities. Vilppu (and the guy in yesterdays' video) shows you how to do Bridgman, because he draws each mass separately, then adds the next and the next etc. Starting with head, chest and pelvis, the biggest and most forceful masses.

Ahhh - I couldn't leave it at that!! I was wanting to do a couple of imagination sketches, based on that 1st Bridgman above. So here they are.

Hmm - maybe not entirely as bad as I thought - they look strong next to these other ones. The anatomy is pure shit - but then I was concentrating on force-style figure distortion - after I start to get a handle on that maybe I can start to bring in anatomy too. Weirdly - I didn't intend for the poses to completely mimic each other and wasn't aware they were until very recently, but the silhouettes are essential identical aside from the arms and head.

I notice I've got the shoulders sitting right up against the ribcage - it doesn't work like that. There's like a spacer in between. Must remember this.

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