Monday, October 6, 2014

Secret cache of long lost drawings!!!

I was looking around for materials for cobbling together a new easel and saw a big envelope from Allen Spiegel Fine Arts (undoubtedly had a Kent Williams book in it at one time) and I wondered what the heck was in it. Turned out to be a bunch of drawings from 99 and 2000 - a really good period for me when I was heavily comic book inspired and buying them all the time. I was also drawing exclusively with the Derwent water-soluable sketch pencils, which I used to love to death. I declared them my favorite pencils and used them for everything - the  lead is so rich and dark and goes on so smooth. I didn't like actually wetting them though - just drew dry with them. Get them wet and the graphite turns way way darker - couldn't control it.

Anyway, here they are - featuring a couple of very familiar characters:

Lol! When I first tried to draw this I couldn't handle the perspective and foreshortening at one go, so I had to first draw him front-on, then I was able to do this. --That's front on to his chest - side view on his face.

This period ended for me shortly after - everything changed in 2001. My sister gave me her old computer when she got a new one and I entered the internet age. I discovered a site dedicated to stopmotion animation, my great obsession, and I decided that was what I was going to do, and that I couldn't have 2 time consuming hobbies, so drawing/painting had to go.

This was when I actually came up with the idea to do a series of paintings of Fafhrd and the Mouser and use them to push my skills, to leane how to design characters and create a portfolio of paintings that would hopefully see me through to pro quality. Unfortunately as I say, it all ended very soon after, until October of 2012 when I decided it was time to get back into art and started this blog.

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