Sunday, October 12, 2014

Focusing on figures

I delved into the Faragasso book on the Reilly method - it seems a lot easier and makes more sense now partly because I already have some familiarity with it from before, and also because I've been finding nuggets of great info by the likes of Ron Lemen, Eric Gist, Kevin Chen, and Jeff Watts. These guys are all associated with the Watts atelier, which teaches the Reilly method. After watching the Jeff Watts video I posted recently I want to learn this and try the tiling method - if not in gouache then straight to oil maybe. I used to have some gouache and was all set up for it, but it's long since dried out now, and now I'm set up for oil. The gouache really does look like fun though, and I did find my old set of acrylic gouache, which is not dried out, but I don't think it will blend the right way. Could try it and see.

I really liked this one, and it had some unfortunate issues, so I did a little cleanup in photoshop:

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