Saturday, October 4, 2014

Learned a couple of photoshop tricks on the Mouser Definitive Edition

Lighter Color layer for luminous shading:

Used this on the dark form shadows in particular on the flesh. For example along the arms, where the core shadow is, I had it pretty dark and greenish, which killed all color. I made a new layer and used the chalk brush to go over the shadows, picking a halftone from the lighted area of flesh (nothing too colorful). Tried different layer options and when I tried Lighter Color it suddenly came to life!! The dead greys became luminous reds, and it was easy to adjust the level of them. 

Soft Light layer to make light luminous:

Did the same over the lighted flesh areas but with a Soft Light layer. It reduced detail and darkness on those over-rendered muscle forms - something a good artist does automatically but I'm too noobish and detail-obsessed at this point. Luckily Photoshop has a filter for that!!

To be perfectly honest, I might have reversed which trick I used on which area - I don't remember now, But try them both, as well as other similar adjustments over areas that could look better. 

Also, on the sword belt crossing his chest, it was looking too pale and weak, so I duplicated the layer (it only had the belt on it) and making the top one a Multiply layer. This had the effect of exaggerating the darks - especially the speckly Chalk brush texturing, making it look like pebbly leather and making it darker. Now I want to do that to all the accouterments below the arms.

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