Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wet Line and Libyan Sibyl study

Ok now I understand why I can't draw with the Falcon. It has a wet line, just like the Uniball Precise Grip I drew this with (in conjunction with the good old Tombow markers of course). It's a rollerball pen, and that's their whole thing - they're designed to lay down a nice juicy wet line like a fountain pen. You need to keep the point moving - if you park it in one spot you'll get a spreading blob (or so I hear, haven't tried it), and you can't really affect line thickness or darkness. If you press hard it does get a little bit thicker but that's the extent of it - none of the precise control you get with a dry pen like a ballpoint, a felt tip or the Pen& Ink fountain pens, which are known for drawing very dry.

So now I know - I'm a dry pen guy.

Anyway, after reading that about how Michelangelo revolutionized dynamism and created the lineage of the dynamic artists, including Tiepolo, Bridgman, Hogarth, Frazetta, and pretty much all of the heroic fantasy and superhero guys, I wanted to try a gestural copy of one of these complex twisting figures.

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