Friday, January 9, 2015

fgs & lndscp thmbs

Tried something new here - did the early part with a light grey Tombow marker, but I ended up pretty much doing the whole drawing that way and then tracing it in ballpoint. Not good. And I don't like the dark grey shading. It's really not too bad though I guess.

Did a bit better here - just did it in ballpoint from the get-go and concentrated on gesture and placement. Really this one's pretty good, I just don't like the big bright blue splotch where I tried using the Tombow clear blender on it. So the reason these suck is they're experiments. And that's ok really. I love the look of ballpoint drawings, but this pen keeps cutting out every 5 to 30 seconds or so, and I have to grab a piece of scrap paper and scribble until it starts again. Super frustrating and totally blocks any flow you try to get going. I've got some G-Tec C pens on order, those should be much better.

Put about 3 hours into the landscape and it needs a few more to look halfway decent. I really screwed it up early on - some of those walls look about ankle high. I tackled it knowing it had a high complexity factor, and that did me in. 

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