Thursday, January 1, 2015


Not really my New Year's Resolutions, though they do coincide with the new year. It's my goals for the next phase of my development.

  • Special studies of heads hands and feet in addition to keeping up with my gestural figure drawings and beginning to do actual timed gesture sketches
  • Charcoal drawings on newsprint, some quick some more fully developed, with an emphasis on learning how to orchestrate edges and values
  • Special studies into clothing, weapons and landscapes
  • Continue studies in composition
  • A lot of sketchbook drawings of characters, people and things in general
  • Start planning paintings using thumbnails and color comps


  1. Mike, going through your blog posts and I see how much you have developed your drawing and painting skills. Thats amazing!! I especially like your drawings. The ones with Falcon pen looks great. I read that you have had hard time getting used to using Falcon pen but believe me you are doing great with it.

    Heroic fantasy art is something I am not familiar with. You are working hard to accomplish fantasy art in oil painting. Keep up the good work my friend.

    I see that there are many useful articles and tutorial videos you posted here. I will be following up and going through the old ones. What I am currently doing -automata- is something totally different but sometimes I really need to try developing my drawing skills. You know I am a graphic designer and getting of rid of that graphic style at least a bit will help me a lot.

    All the best again from an old friend and wishing you a happy new year full of art!

  2. Hi Yaz, it's great to hear from you in here!! Haha, thanks for the vote on confidence on my Falcon drawings - I still don't think most of them are very good, but I will keep trying, trust me - I do love that pen. A happy new year to you as well, full of automata!! I notice you have a section by that name on your blog, but there's nothing there yet!!??