Friday, January 9, 2015

fgr experiments - brush tip gesture attempts

More experiments with pens - wanted to mess with some brush pens for gesture. This one looks nice and pretty, but I had to think way too much about how I was holding the pen when I wanted to be thinking about pose and gesture. This was the Copic BS brush.

This was drawn entirely with the Tombow brush tip. Again, very pretty line quality, but not good at conveying the subtle information I'm looking for about the pose. I must say I am very impressed with the Tombow brush tip as a drawing tool - never even tried to use it that way before that I can remember. 

Drew with the Copic 0.8, then went over some lines with the Tombow brush end. 

I consider this the most successful of the bunch. Started with a light grey Tombow, fine point tip (same pen I did the shading with later) and then switched to the black Tombow fine point tip. I could see flipping it now and then to get some brush pen lines, and some fine line work with Copics, both grey and black (did a little of the last 2 here).

My conclusion is that for fast, thinking drawing I need a very hard pen tip, nothing that flexes at all.

Went ahead and did a little Tombow brush work on it.


  1. Hi Mike, I have just checked out your latest posts. I cant believe how detailed you study. Thats amazing! I dont know these pens and brushes you are using here. I like the lines of towbow brush a lot in your drawings. And also lanscapes look great!