Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finding the right tools for the job - think in ink

Funny story behind this one - I had drawn it originally with a rollerball pen I believe, something with a thin scratchy line anyway - it looked terrible and I felt the need to scribble to build up some boldness. I was getting pissed off and figured I was either going to fix it or destroy it, and my weapon of choice was the black Tombow. I was actually leaning toward destroy, but thought it might be fun to turn it into a coloring book drawing first, with fat unchanging lines everywhere and too-smooth curves. It wasn't until I had drawn both arms that I suddenly noticed I wasn't destroying it - in fact it looked ridiculously good!! Pft wtf- when I try to draw good I suck, but when I try to screw it up I fix it??!! I suppose it's because drawing fat with the Tombow created smooth simple curves, and that's what you're supposed to use for gesture. The crazy part is how many hairy scribbly wrong lines that fat line covers! 

So I decided to do more gesture sketches with it. Timed sketches - something I haven't done in ages now, and I know I need to get back to them. These in an 11 x 14 sketchpad.

I really love the way I can draw with a smooth felt tip brush pen like the Tombow - it has the perfect combination of fast ink flow and control with the ability to go thick or thin at a whim, and the tip isn't too flexible. But I felt like these are a little too bold and black,so for tonight I decided to switch to the Petit3- still my favorite drawing implement, but that I haven't fund the right venue for yet.

I don't know - it's good, but it feels a little thin at times. I seem to have overcome that toward the end - was I holding it on edge? I think so. I also want to try using the small end of the Tombow, and then the big brush tip on newsprint. I have high hopes for both. I suspect when I find exactly the right tool for these gesture I'll bust through to a new level. When the pen actually assists me rather than fighting me it allows me to think in ink - fast and on the fly.

I notice looking back over these though none of the new ones have that fat simplicity of the top one. Must get it back..

I decided to order the female torso sculpture from Phillipe Farout, even though I had looked at it before and decided against it - it's in almost exactly the same pose as the life size plastic mannequin torso, but it has far better definition and you can see the muscles and forms clearly (not TOO clearly). Here's drawing #1 done from it, on newsprint in 6b charcoal pencil. Looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with it...

And I finally gave in the the temptation to try to draw just like Kevin Chen. In fact I copied some of his stuff. Maybe it'll rub off.. ?

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