Friday, December 12, 2014

Vilppu does New Masters Academy - with a fountain pen

I didn't realize Glen Vilppu was a founding member of NMA until I ran across this video of him demonstrating his techniques for figure drawing using a fountain pen. I love his way of figure drawing - unlike so many who espouse an academic method that results in a copy of the model he goes for the action (gesture) and builds volumes on top of it (construction) with no attention to copying the contour lines he sees. This is the right approach for dynamic figure drawing - from a model, from reference, or from imagination. The next step would be to build the anatomy.

It was thanks to one of his videos that I first bought myself a Pen and Ink Sketch fountain pen and a water brush from the Vilppu Store. Really didn't use them much until just recently but now I'm having a blast with them, so much that I got myself a Fine pen to complement the Extra Fine I've been using, which frustrates me because I want to get some thicker lines - that's part of why I sometimes go back and forth over my lines. The other part is because sometimes the pen seems to clog or cut out a bit.

This is the video that got me interested to begin with:

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