Monday, December 22, 2014

fgrs & Fafsketch

Drawing with the fountain pen is really bringing me back to the surface after a long time away - I realized I've been drawing only gesture and structure - in other words vague abstract sketchy stuff. Except for a couple recent figure studies I haven't been drawing surface form in many years. So that's what I started doing. 

Hmm.. ok, it's fun to try to draw like Morty, but I guess I need to start with a basic head form to keep things from getting all screwed up, huh? And damn, it seems like the nose is always way too long!! Limit that sucker!!

Yep - this is what I needed alright! Almost didn't post this one, but I want to remember what process I used to draw it. It works reel gud. Oh damn - forgot to write in, right after finding the eyeline - and this is actually the IMPORTANT part - find the eyebrow ridge and ear, which then gives you the bottom of the nose. Drew it funky here, but it's just a schematic.

I guess all the scribbly vague anatomy drawing and gesture stuff is paying off. Started with a simple tall oval for the ribcage - envisioned him tall and fairly slender rather than musclebound, with broad shoulders, a V shaped back and long slender arms - no bulging biceps!! The outline of the arms carries the idea of strength - no need to labor every line.

Oh, and I decided the mouser head studies were looking too much like Fafhrd, and had the nose he should have - the pugilist's proboscis. So it's literally back to the drawing board for the poor Mouser. But at least now I've figured out how I'm approaching this all. Heads and bodies are actually looking strong and charismatic now - extremely different from any of the previous Fafhrd attempts. Definitely finding my way now! That left arm is a bit big though..

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