Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Falcon has landed

Wow - the Namiki Falcon is my Christmas present to myself, and it came in today - Christmas Eve!! It's a Christmas shipping miracle I tell ya!!! I just loaded it up with Pelikan Brilliant Brown and did a little scribbling in my tiny Pen&Ink sketchbook that I now use for such tests as well as little sketches, and I'm amazed at the quality of it!! The gold nib is far more flexible than the nibs in my Pen&Ink Sketch pens - it's literally like stepping up from a crappy AMC Gremlin that keeps backfiring to a finely tuned Ferrari (not that I really know what driving a Ferrari feels like, but I can IMAGINE). First, it draws a line no matter how fast I move it! The P&I pens cut out at a moderate speed - I had to learn to draw slowly with them. It also makes a much broader stroke with moderate pressure, though if I try to go too broad the inkflow suddenly stops and takes a moment to get started again. I need to get used to the fact that the lid screws on and off of the barrel - a couple of times I tried to just pop it on or off - better not break it!!

Hopefully now I'll be able to draw at the speed of thought, like I can with pencils.

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