Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fountain pen nibs - addendum

The trick only seems to work occasionally. I frequently get the thin scratchy lines - I think it happens a lot if I try to draw too fast or too hard. Which I tend to do if I'm inventing figures. I know that's a bad habit anyway, and probably accounts for why I make such hairy figures when I invent them - not only am I drawing too fast for the ink flow and the nib, but too fast to make crucial decisions, so I slap down a bunch of 'thinking' lines rather than thinking first and then scribing the line. So maybe if I keep all this in mind, draw slower and more gently the way you need to with fountain pens, it might help with the hairy figures too.

That or go back to pencil for the invented figures, but I still need to draw slower and more deliberately even then.

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