Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fafsketch - forehead slap! Core shadow - what core shadow???

Hmm - it is unfortunate that this painting could well become another facepalm gif... but onward and upward!! It suddenly occurred to me that I had no core shadow on his torso at all! In fact there still isn't one for his face - what, his nose is shadow-proof material? It also occurred to me to visualize the lighting on a planar torso - that's when I decided his entire lighted pec needed to be lit almost flat (like a plane). I also thought about the painting advice I first got from Howard Pyle via Loomis - about keeping to strict value scales in light and shadow and never the twain shall meet. Mass light and mass shadow - wow, all this stuff I know really well  theoretically, and I hadn't actually used any of it in my painting!! 

Next I intend to do some leather pants studies and work out something for those wrist wraps too. I've decided going into the new year I need to begin special studies of heads hands and feet, clothing and weapons, and landscapes. If I can get all those together, than I'll be pretty darn close to being able to paint all passable-like!! 

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