Thursday, December 4, 2014

Inkstaynz - stylizing the figure at last

Newsflash! Something is beginning to happen here. In the drawings below to be precise. It seems I've absorbed the anatomy of the front torso and upper arms well enough now that I can include it without needing to concentrate consciously on it, and instead put my attention into the far more important Shape of the Body. I can now stylize that shape in something very close to the vision I had upon finishing the Mouser portrait and being disappointed with the rather bland and stiff treatment of the body. I had a dim vision then of a more rounded back and sloped shoulders, and figuring out how to draw that has been the driving force behind my gestural drawing ever since. And at last I've begun to be able to draw it. I find this is usually the case - when I'm ready (or almost) to advance I get a vision of what I want to accomplish, then a period of work where I seem to be feeling my way toward it, until eventually it happens. Now I need to absorb the rest of the anatomy to the same extent and just keep developing my ideas concerning stylizing of the figure - other parts of it as well.

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