Friday, December 19, 2014

fgrs & mugshot reworked

Once again I picked up a painting from a while back and put some finish on it. In this case I knew it wasn't finished before, it needed some highlights on the face, but I also worked some compositional magic on it.

I see it still needs some work - my eye is drawn down to the shoulder area rather than the face..

Hmmm - maybe I went too far with the chalk brush and obliterating hard edges and distracting details?

Getting better? Getting worse? I can't even tell anymore - time to put it away for a while.

Wow that background had way too much value variation in it!! Stealing all the attention from the face. I also strengthened up the shadow shape and darkened it to give more form to the face and put more emphasis on that one eye. Looking better now.

Wow after looking at them in sequence, it just keeps getting worse and worse!! My favorite is the one all in chalk brush, or the ones immediately before or after it. Actually the second one (first one I did tonight) was pretty damn good. This is what comes form aimlessly fiddling around with something. I should have kept a good version open on the desktop so I could make sure I was improving it and not screwing it up.

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