Sunday, May 18, 2014

Studying Fafhrd

I decided to do some studies of Anthony Keidis for Fafhrd. It's almost eerie how he resembles a cooler, less ridiculously muscled-out and more playful Arnold. Since Fafhrd is basically a less hardass/grim Conan, that works out insanely well. I didn't realize until I saw his face in this pic how much resemblance there is.

All soft round brushes (except for a few touches of chalk). I'm experimenting with cutting into the shapes with an eraser before merging them down. And I'm trying not to scribble.

Didn't take much to finish it, it's hardly different from the last version really. I still might work on it a bit more - some parts bug me a little. You know, it's really weird painting a torso when you can't understand it - I can't tell where the ribcage is, or what's abdominals and what's serratus… and what the hell is that lump in the center of the abdomen?? Weird-ass anatomy..

I darkened the shadow across the abdomen and cooled it a bit - it really wasn't clear in some places what's shadow and what's light. It reads much better now.

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