Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beckett (finished?)

Overall it looks misty and airbrushy - too soft and mushy. There's not enough solidity to it - I greatly prefer the hard edges in Charmane. There's a definiteness about paintings like that, and they're a hell of a lot easier to do. At least if you can clearly see where to put the edges. I like that I was able to reach a new level of subtlety, but I need to combine that with the older method. To be fair though, I think the main culprit was the soft diffused lighting and my response to that.

I did well in terms of color complexity - this has subtle colors blended in everywhere (the skin at least), doing away with that problem I mentioned a couple of posts back, where I was just using one hue for skin in light and one for skin in shadow.

Actually looking at it, I might be able to finish it up and fix the problems if I approach it right. I'm starting to see what needs done.

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