Saturday, May 17, 2014

*squeeak - squeeal* big chunks of rust start to flake off my figure drawing skills

Ok, not flaking off yet, still rusty as hell actually. It's been months since I did any figure drawing, but I've decided the most important things I can be doing right now are figure drawing, anatomy study, and environment/material studies.

Rather than all the totally unfocused studies I was doing - sort of random - I need to be actually starting from what I was able to accomplish in my 2 illustrations and forge ahead from there. I feel right off the bat I learned some vitally important things from the basic form studies - in particular how totally changeable the core shadow and bounce light are depending on the situation - I now know there's no right or wrong way to do them. But I need to focus my attention now on developing my understanding of the body and of creating powerful compositions in the genre of heroic fantasy.

One unexpected thing has happened that I'm glad of - when I first rejoined Conceptart the only type of art I could imagine doing was too close to Frazetta, Jones and Williams - now my ideas have expanded to a much wider horizon and come a ways into the more modern era - though I'll always hold the Trinity as my central inspirations.

I also think I need to work on the methods I've discovered for image creation - thumbnailing, comp sketches, studies, character and accessory development through the paper-doll method etc. I don't want to ever approach another illustration cold with no preparation.

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