Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Having fun painting with strong colors. Done mostly with opaque hard round brushes. I did get in-betweens by laying one color down transparently over another, but then usually found I had to make the brush opaque and pick up the resulting color with it, otherwise wherever two brushstrokes overlap you get double-strength, resulting in splotchiness or streakiness. And of course whenever you do need transparent soft brushes for that fine blending, it's vitally important not to ever lift the brush until you finish the area.

Oh, and to my 2 or 3 viewers, I kept adding new versions of my last painting to the bottom of that post. Scroll down a bit to see it.

Why did I only realize today that Photoshop can generate PNGs from Save for Web? They look sooo much better than jpegs or gifs!! I could not get a good jpeg version of the last painting, try as I might, though this one os a jpeg and looks fine. Guess it works for some paintings not for others.

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