Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Silva process

I never posted these before. Click on one to see them bigger in Lightbox and step through.

This pretty well answers the question from last post, about how I did it. Interesting - I had already worked out a pretty sophisticated process of switching between hard and soft brushes, high opacity and low. I'm so glad I kept all these pics in a folder - I tend to work out an ongoing narrative of my life that becomes oversimplified and leaves a lot out - for instance as I remembered it, I had finished all of these MMA paintings before rejoining Conceptart and beginning all the studies, exercises and copies. Though when I thought about it I did recall that the last few MMA pieces are actually posted on the early pages of my sketchbook there - so derp!! In reality my history is a lot more complex than I tend to remember, as evidenced when I look through old posts here or in the sketchbook, or various other of my online journals. I was actually interspersing these with my exercises, possibly even the earliest level up work (and I think of that as being one solid block of work during which I did nothing else).

Looks like I once again succumbed to the temptation to over boost color saturation right at the end. It's so hard to maintain objectivity - when you boost saturation or levels it looks so much better immediately, it can take a while till you realize it's too much. And once again I realize - when you think a piece is done wait a day or two before posting it. I almost always do lots of reworking for the next few hours after initial postage. And I suppose the rule for illustration work is to finish it a few days before it's due to allow for those last minute revisions.

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