Thursday, May 15, 2014

Smooth move dude

I'm suddenly disgusted with all my work. Everything. I looked back over it hoping to see improvement, and really there isn't any. In fact the best things I've done to date are the 2 illustrations I did right in the beginning, before rejoining Conceptart and doing all the endless studies. But the thing that disgusts me the most is a recurring problem - or rather an ongoing one, since in order to recur something needs to stop first.

Everything looks scribbly and scratchy and blotchy. I thought I was starting to get things to look smooth with the last few, but not really. Even now that I'm using almost exclusively big soft round brushes with the occasional chalk brush for texture - maybe it's improved slightly, but still I can see ugly sloppy blotchy crap all over. FUCK!!!

I need to learn how to make things smooth or just give up this farce.

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