Monday, July 27, 2015

Catching up

Here are the pathetically few drawings and warmup sheets from the last few days. Some days all I did was a warmup, others I managed one drawing, and on some I did halfway decent little drawings on the warmup sheet! Lol - well, at least I'm starting to get used to the Conte pencils and not feel like I'm struggling with a totally unfamiliar tool anymore. The more technical stuff like lay-ins, abstractions and Asaro planes are really hard to draw or even figure out, unless I have a partially drawn head already, in which case it's easy to see where they go (well, not so much on today's Asaro head!) The computer completely randomizes the order of the drawings, and I'm not going to sort them out - so I've taken to (usually) writing the date on them. Should help keep them sorted a bit anyway.

Edit - these 2 requested to be seen bigger. Divas..

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