Saturday, August 8, 2015

Must. Develop. Discipline.

Not going to post warmup sheets anymore unless they include something decent. Seeing all those warmups gives me a false sense of having accomplished something - I'm trying to get myself drawing more. The above was from a day when I set my timer app and drew for 2 hours. That's a good start - I want to do that 5 days a week - like a part-time job. Then I need to build up to double that, and then double it again, making it 40 hours a week - more like a full time job.

I think it'll become less intimidating as I get better at drawing the head abstractions and Asaro planes etc - right now I tend to find excuses to do anything else. It'll also be more fun when I start getting back to what I was doing before my big vacation - drawing Fafhrd and the Mouser and assorted other character types. Oh, also I'm going to allow myself to draw with a graphite pencil (or whatever the hell I feel like using) in sketchbooks - or whatever the hell I feel like drawing in! Using that Conte pencil is pretty intimidating in itself! But whatever else I do, Ill keep getting back to the Loomis head construction and the rest of it, and using the Conte at least now and then. I really do like the results when I've got my concentration cap on.

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