Saturday, July 4, 2015

Paint background figures (NO SPEEDPAINTS!)

No speedpaints - instead just paint background figures and landscapes/environments. The word speedpaint conjures ideas of something slapped down in minutes by a skilled artist showing off how good he is. I've heard it said on Conceptart that you can't do speedpaints until you're already good. Which sort of goes hand in hand with Dave Sims oft-repeated (by me mostly) saying: "First you get good, then you get fast, then you get good and fast".

But all of this isn't to say that you shouldn't do SKETCHES. A sketch really isn't a speedpaint - the point of a sketch is to roughly develop an idea without putting in massive amounts of time and effort doing a complete painting.

And suddenly it occurred to me that it would be more profitable to paint simple little background figures rather than close-up detailed ones; so you're only really paying attention to the basics like pose and lighting and form, using value shape and edges to do so. Landscapes from imagination are also an excellent exercise - I think that's where you can develop a lot of your technique for the rough loose painting, since hills and cliffs and trees don't need to have proper anatomy or lateral symmetry and all that annoying stuff figures have.

This is still me kicking around the same idea I have been in the last few posts - artistic shorthand etc. It gets pretty daunting painting a figure when you feel you have to do full anatomy and musculature on every one. And yeah, I know the reason I started doing all this Heroic Fantasy stuff was to get in a lot of anatomy practice and work on dynamism - but not every painting needs to be a half naked buff warrior dude. Muscles are minor surface forms - even the big ones - and first you need to work with the basic figure itself.

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