Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"I have not failed - not once! I’ve eliminated ten thousand options."

That's Thomas Edison of course, on having to try apparently 10,000 different filament materials before he discovered carbonized bamboo fiber worked the best. I've seen it worded a few different ways - I've used my own slightly altered wording that I think works a bit better.

I'm in sort of the same place right now, though I've only 'failed' twice at drawing the Reilly head abstractions from memory. Or, as I prefer to think of it, I've identified the problem and now can begin on the solution.

Fortunately, I have Jack Faragasso's book Mastering Drawing the Human Figure, which does overcomplicate the abstractions, but presents them in a very precise way that's easy to understand. It's about hearing it put the way you need to hear it. The book by itself made it all too complicated and i wasn't sure how to simplify it, and the Watts approach  left me not sure what all the lines were (until I consulted the book). But they taste great together like peanut butter and chocolate!

Yeah, I won't be posting pics today...

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