Monday, July 13, 2015

Sleep on it - daily practice, incremental growth

It's a well known fact that the brain processes new information while you're sleeping. Consequently, there's actually no point in doing too much on a given day, or trying to take in to much new info. Just take bite-sized chunks and chew on them all day (keep thinking about what you're learning) and digestion will occur in your sleep. It;s just like the way I've been learning speedbag - push yourself just a little beyond what you can already do each day and practice for a while, then the next day you'll be better at it. In a week or 2 you can get a lot of learning and growing done this way - it actually lets the new information get into your subconscious (eventually - for that you need to keep practicing for weeks if not a month or more) and when THAT happens then you can do it intuitively without needing to consciously think about it every time. That's the goal with all this drawing stuff - the subconscious is so much better and faster than the clumsy conscious mind.

Sorry no pics - I've been drawing each day (though yesterday I watched far too any of the Watts videos and downloaded ALL of the workbooks for the entire Drawing section) - but I just don't feel like lugging all these sheets of newsprint upstairs and taking pics of them all - not worth it yet. My dexterity is improving though, and I'm learning how to solve the common problems associated with drawing basic forms accurately and clearly.

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