Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gurney does Speed

GJ Friday Book Club - Harold Speed's Practice and Science of Drawing

James Gurney has created this awesome little book club - they're starting off discussing Harold Speed's excellent book on drawing. Many amazing insights to be had there. Just wish I could find a quick way to navigate to the next entry each time - I've been clicking through each day of the week until I get to the next Friday... takes quite a few minutes. Haha - oh what speed freaks the internet has made of us all!

PS - just bought the 99¢ Kindle version of the book and reading it BIG in their cloud reader, utilizing all the real estate of my computer monitor - such a vast improvement on the PDF I had downloaded long ago, I think from Someone had laboriously scanned in their own very old, very marked-up and very very tattered and dogeared copy. So refreshing to see the clean white background now and the crisp type and clear reproductions of the art! Now it's a pleasure to read, whereas before, as excellent as the material itself is - it was difficult and frustrating.

PPS - just realized I made 2 posts today featuring the word speed..

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