Friday, November 7, 2014

"Ideally, you should have done it all before you started painting" - words of wisdom I still need to learn

"The first thing is because you've lost sight of your plan. It is a good idea to keep the sketch on your side so you can look at it as you paint. That would reduce the risk of drifting away from the plan gradually.

The other thing... you are approaching it the wrong way. You are trying to fix the painting by trial and error, instead of stepping away from it and doing a quick test, going back to the planning. Lighting does not work? Leave the painting and do some quick lighting tests to find one that works better. Structure turns out to be off? Draw a quick sketch to figure out and tighten it. Don't like the facial expression? Draw a few sketches with different ones and pick the one you like.

Ideally, you should have done it all before you started painting. But if you see that you've missed something in your planning when you are already at the painting stage, it's not too late to go back to planning.

If nothing else works, scrap it and start another painting."

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