Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apparently I re-invented a classic composition

Recently I made a post comparing all 3 of my Fafhrd/Mouser illos done in landscape format orientation and noting compositional similarities:

Well, here's the same composition, done by Gainsborough...

Ironically (?) it's in a book I just Kindled called Pictorial Composition: An Introduction. Yes, I'm investigating composition with new vigor because of the discussion about it in relation to talent. This old Dover book is apparently an amazing work on the subject that has rarely been matched. 

And now behold:

Well hey - it's good to know that I re-invented a classic!! This has it all.. 1 - a path leading into the distance and curving around the tree on the right, 2 - a sort of wall form (trees) coming in from the right edge to wrap around behind the tree, 3 - the close figures on the left with a tree behind them that the space seems to pivot around, … Only thing missing is a little Mouser off in the distance!

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