Sunday, November 2, 2014

GreenMistSquidMantis - aka Do Gesture Dumbass!!! - aka Thumbnail, Dumbass!!!

In the story (The Temple of Hate) it isn't green, it's white, but it needed to be green here. I tried white. Maybe if I had actually - oh, I don't know - like THUMBNAILED or something (!!!!) I might have worked out a color composition that would allow it to look good white and actually fit the story better. But I'll chalk it up to a learning experience, and never again start an illo without thumbnailing. I hate the poses of the 2 main characters too. I do rather like the silhouetted fellows though. I tried the 2 front ones several times, and each time it didn't work until I did 2 things differently - I had to actually draw with line first, and I had to think in terms of GESTURE - a long flowing line from head or shoulder to one foot with a sense of balance and intentionality to it. Oh, and  I also had to start with some idea of pose - at least which way the character is leaning (even though I flipped #2 (second from the front) because he was annoyingly paralleling the Mouser's sword, #1's sword,  AND the angle of the fog). This is why he has fog obscuring the left half of his lower body rather than the right as I originally did, but it works - there does seem to be a thicker concentration of mist there. Also quite incidentally (or did I subconsciously do it?) the front 2 silhouetted dudes are standing on long dark 'shadows' on the cobblestones. Ok, I did #1 that way intentionally after noticing he was quite near something that looked like a shadow, but I didn't notice it for #2. The shadows actually aren't aligned well though. Should do something about that.

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