Monday, November 24, 2014


This is an extremely frustrating subject - everybody says learn the fundamentals, but nobody can tell you what they are, and to start a conversation about it only invites argument, vagueness and arrogant assertions with nothing concrete that can actually be studied. A google search for art fundamentals turns up a of of useless links. And for every item somebody lists as a fundamental others will angrily deny that they really are. So I searched Conceptart for old threads and ran across one that's helpful. Here's what I gleaned from it:

"Expert use of the fundamentals is the only basis there is for learning to draw. These fundamentals can be listed, studied, and carried out in your own way. They are: proportion, anatomy, perspective, values, color, and knowledge of mediums and materials. Each of these can be the subject of infinite study and observation."
- Andrew Loomis

Even this is deeply problematic -  you must already be expert before you can learn? I think he got some wires crossed or something - maybe he means you should be striving toward expert understanding of them. But if you remove the word expert then it makes sense. I listed these below, along with ones added by CA  members:

knowledge of mediums and materials

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