Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big dudes

Making some advances in anatomy - I need to be able to draw Fafhrd in his older form, when he's much brawnier, and I've never tried to draw big muscular dudes before. Started with the triangle chest above, derived from the Reilly method, but it's actually very flat, and I wanted a form that can easily be turned, so I went with the sphere chest from one of my recent Bridgman studies. This allows me to first draw a basic figure, then to place center lines and etc, as well as shoulders, at whatever angle/placement I want.

Note how much more gestural this one is - thanks to using the 3 big spheres for the major forms and then connecting them with the neck form all the way to the hips, then adding the big inverted triangle, it all fits together nicely. Then I just wrap lines around to add in the anatomy. Voila!!

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