Friday, October 18, 2013

Wow the table easel came in already!!

Wasn't expecting it so soon, not till next week really, but it was on the porch this morning. Here it is, along with the new drawing table and chair:

Together the easel and table make a really nice studio easel type of setup, although it occurs to me, that one thin slat of wood extended downward will have a lot of pressure on it - especially considering it has a big slot cut up the center of it. It does seem very well-made though, looks like it will hold my brushes in the side drawer. And what I like about this setup that no studio easel I've ever seen allows, is that I can scoot my chair in and get my legs right in under the painting. No leaning forward, putting pressure on my lower back, and extending my arms out in front of me all day killing my shoulders/traps. If this ever breaks, as seems likely with just one clumsy knee-bump while scooting the chair in or out, I'll make one that doesn't hinge open and closed and that doesn't have the ability to extend the bars up and down - just a fixed-position, rock-solid version without the folding/travel functionality, and with much stronger wooden supports - probably several of them rather than just one thin one. Ah, it's going to be sooo good to break out of that tiny confined little space behind the animation table in the basement, and to sit on a nice comfortable chair while I paint! In a room with ventilation even!! Not to mention the coveted Northern exposure!

I got this easel on Amazon for about $50 - saw the exact same model on Jerry's Artarama for about twice that and was about to buy it when I decided to check on almighty Amazon. It's the Ravenna Table Easel with Drawer by Art Alternatives.

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